T Slot Hardware

The foundation for T Slot aluminum is the extruded groove. This paired with its light-weight properties makes for one versatile product. Fastening technology creates solid joints that are just as strong as welded steel. The groove flank inclination is a design feature with many benefits. Stability and anti-vibration properties are two of them. A more secure connection for profiles, accessories and other components is the result. Project modifications, configurations and additions are now quick and easy. Modular design principles make this possible.

MB Kit Systems' hardware and component product line contains over 3,000 parts. Many designed for specific applications or single use cases. The single most important piece of hardware is the T Slot Nut ST. There is one for each profile line. The spring ball-bearing within the T-Nut offers simple roll-in installation to an exposed profile groove. This feature makes configuring a new product or assembly a breeze. Parts can be added without disassembling the existing frame.