Machine Enclosures

MB Kit Systems excels in designing and constructing custom application machine enclosures. Our in-house stock of several panel materials includes aluminum sheet panels, polycarbonate, and a variety of other plastics. Additionally, a variety of aluminum and steel mesh is offered to be built into your enclosure project. Fast turnaround build times are ensured by custom machining all enclosure panels in-house with a CNC router, a vertical CNC, and utilizing our expert assembly technicians to build the complex custom solutions.

Imagine being able to integrate any kind of process. MB Kit Systems has specialty profile lines that make this possible. Common parts add-ons are cable management and mounting machine mechanics. Enhancing workflow processes is a task you no longer have to dread.

Working with our entire product line and a variety of panel materials available, we have the resources and capabilities to provide a precise solution for most safety enclosure applications. The extensive set of components including hinges, handles, panels, floor elements and locks ensure we’re able to design easy and safe access as needed.